DV RUN 2016

Nama: Wulandari Fera Yanti NIM: 1701298775 Jurusan: International Business and Management (IBM) Nomor Peserta: 10843   Halo! Tanggal 4 Desember lalu, saya mengikuti kegiatan lari sejauh 5 kilometer di Ancol, Jakarta Utara, yang diselenggarakan oleh salah satu organisasi kemahasiswaan BINUS University, yaitu KMBD. Acaranya bernama DV Run 2016: Unleash the Hero in You. Acara apa itu? […]

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You can call me everything Snob Clumsy Antisocial Everything Anything But you never know me I still don’t give a damn For dumb people like you Who never want to listen and notice

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Hi, all! Happy the last weekend! When you’re on holiday-slash-weekend-slash-lazy time, What you’re gonna do? Sleeping, reading, surfing internet, or what? I acually spent that momment on my bed and do something worthless, charging my energy for hectic days during the weekdays. But I used to read any novel I had when I was at […]

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