You can call me everything Snob Clumsy Antisocial Everything Anything But you never know me I still don’t give a damn For dumb people like you Who never want to listen and notice

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Hi, all! Happy the last weekend! When you’re on holiday-slash-weekend-slash-lazy time, What you’re gonna do? Sleeping, reading, surfing internet, or what? I acually spent that momment on my bed and do something worthless, charging my energy for hectic days during the weekdays. But I used to read any novel I had when I was at […]

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Style Tips for Daily Biker Girls

When I said “biker”, I don’t talk about biker jacket trends or anything about cool chicks with menswear inspired clothes (okay, actually I’ll talk about it too, but not in the main concern). It’s about how to wear stylish outfit for real biker babes, especially for daily bikers, who also need to keep safety and comfy […]

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