Newbie Here!

Wow. I don’t believe finally I have a blog! Haha. And I don’t believe that I choosed WordPress for my blog. Probably if there were not problem with my

Hey, there!

my blog because it looks more elegant and professional (yeah, and also more complicated) than Blogspot. I’m soooo excited with this “fresh air”.

laptop (I still don’t understand why I couldn’t open Google, Gmail, Blogspot, and friends from my laptop) and problem with Blogspot mobile site, I would choose Blogspot because it’s more popular than WordPress. Haha. But now I’m glad choosing WordPress for

Anyway, about this blog, I’ll use it for sharing my mind. Probably I post more photo about my outfits and random photos that I take everywhere I want. But it doesn’t mean I won’t share other topics to this blog. Maybe it will be my e-journal (or e-diary) so I can read it again (and laugh because I believe it will be stupid moments in the future. Haha) and see how I can walk through the time. In another side, I wanna improve my English writing skill that is still pretty bad. Therefore, I’m so sorry if you don’t understand what I wrote.

This blog will not exist without people who were sent by God for me. My family members and close friends. I won’t say one by one because it’ll take a long time to write down. Haha.

And for the last words for this post, I would say: thanks for visiting my blog, all!! Hope you enjoy it!


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