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Hi, everybody from every part of the world! How’s your day? 🙂

Like everybody knows, nowdays online shops aren’t something unusual anymore, but unfortunately I am the one who rarely buys something in that kind of shop. I often check online shops that exist in around the world, but I’ve only bought in one online shop, But yesterday I found unique shops which make me wanted to bite my finger. Haha. Maybe they’ll be my next shopping directions in the near future. I just hope I have much money to buy things from there. 😀

And the online shops that I mean:

1. Etsy

Focus on handmade and vintage things, Etsy is the most recomended shop for people who don’t wanna have something unique. Probably you’ve known it before me, or maybe you are the one of its buyers or seller. Well, unfortunately, I knew it from bloggers this year and always forgot to check it out. But it’s still better than I never know. And easily I fall in love with their products! Unfortunately (again). Rupiah is on crisis and makes US Dollar value climbs higher, and the price looks cruel for people who have so-so economic status like me. Okay, I’m little too much. The fact is I have to save my money more because live far away from parents during college study obviously needs extra cost. And I can’t let it worse by I spend more money in something that I don’t really need. But if there’s miracle from God and I can spend my money in Etsy products, I’ll choose one of the pictures I copied from the site. 🙂

Moss green spencer

Bangle leather bracelet woven bracelet buckle bracelet women bracelet men bracelet made of leather and ropes wrist bracelet  c-001

Bracelet--antique silver owl bracelet & double leather chain

Chic Silver Zipper Bracelet

Well, there’s so many cool and unique things in that site, but now I’m focus on looking to bracelets (beside the prices are pretty friendly with my budget). 😛

2. Gotosovie

Gotosovie is one of Indonesian online shop with professional website. Why I said “professional website”? Well, I don’t know why, but so many local brands in Indonesia don’t have wesite. Just Twitter, Facebook page, BlackBerry Messenger, or/and Instagram. Nowdays, Instagram is more popular “basecamp” than the others. So many friends said that shops in Instagram have unique and cute things, but unfortunately I don’t have Instagram account. My smartphone is Nokia N9 and it, like we know, doesn’t support iOS or Android Operating System. So, I’m so glad finding this site, moreover it’s Indonesian brand! And plus values are the products are handmade and free shipping in Java Island! Wowowowowow. This October, Gotosovie has project to help people with breast cancer and we can participate to donate them with buy their product. 🙂

Ashley1-250x250.jpg (250×250)svb3990601_ellie_berrycakeTB-250x250.JPG (250×250)svb3980801_ellie_coffeblendTB-250x250.JPG (250×250)svb4010901_ellie_premium_blueTB-250x250.JPG (250×250)EVELYN ORANGE SKYKIRSTY YELLOW INITIAPERRY PEPPER REDLENI RED ORIENTNICOLE FLAME

So many bags I like but I priority the backpack because it’s more fexible with my daily activities. And I wanna know, what’s your choice? 🙂


For me, it’s kinda online departement store that sell local brands that aren’t so famous in people ears. But their products are pretty cool. I like their accessories, like bracelets, necklaces, shoes, and bags, and I’ve bought their shoes from MKS that is very confortable with my daily activities. The prices are bugdet-friendly for students like me, although you have to spend min. Rp. 500.000 to get free shipping. They also have lookbooks and magazine they always update, and everyday there’s new products in the site. I don’t know they accept international shipping or not, but everything in there uses English, so I doubt with it. Their products that I like:

In Her Shoes Earth RLND Lynne Oxford Misyelle Haidena Oxford Her Shoes Daddys Oxford Charme Qiao Bracelet Lexxa Belt to Bracelet Mayonette Stella Backpack Misty Fox Lesley Bag Blanc Vie Flower Plaid Skirt Look Boutique Zip Denim Jacket

Well, that’s a little thing I can share with you now. Hopefully I can share more about online shop, especially for Indonesian brands, to you in the next post. And if you have any recomended online shop, you can share it with me and people by writing it on this post comment. Thanks for your time by reading, liking, giving comment to this post.

Have a good day, everybody!


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