Fashion for Me

Sometimes I felt fashion’s not made for people like me. You know, have limited money, don’t have pretty face, not tall enough for outstanding fit, wait for discount time to shop fashion items, and more than anything, I thought why I should follow fashion industry when there’s no important reason?

At first, fashion is fun. But now it makes me dying when seeing cool items. Okay, okay, I’m too much. I’m not dying. I just force myself to think an important reason why I should buy that. Even there’s big discount promo that makes people crazy and can’t think clearly. Kinda I said before, I have limited money so I have to keep it for vital things.

But, in the other hand, I know I can’t lie to myself that I like fashion. I like it since I was just a little girl. I remember I acted like a supermodel wearing high heels and jeweleries of my friend’s mother. I remember I wanted to be a famous fashion designer. I remember I’m always excited reading novels with lots of branded names inside and pour it into my own novels. I remember I’m always interested seeing someone who takes different way to wear clothes and confident with it. I remember sometimes I forget about time when I start stalking online shop without buying something (LOL). I remember I never think fashion is made for fool people (seriously, people have to THINK what to wear before going out from house or when they wanna buy fashion items that match with their existing items at home, and it’s not easy. At least, it’s not easy for me). And I remember I like it more when I found my close friend like it too but she appreciate it well (while I had never thought to look fabulous a.k.a. fashionable because I thought I was too young for that, even I had forgotten I ever like fashion. LOL).

ย So why I should keep following fashion?

Thousand times I asked to myself and it’s not easy. There are so many considerations. You think I’m too much? It’s okay. I understand.

After so many wars inside my head (too much again), now I know what to do. I think you know what I’ll say. Yap! I’ll keep going with this money-eater passion. I know it won’t be easy but I think it’s worth enough. why? These are the reasons:

1. Everybody knows behavior and smart-brain are more valuable than apperance (because apperance can be fake), but we also know apperance is the first impression, and first impression always works to make people interested to us.

2. It’s art! So it’s okay to wear old style if we’re confident with it. And people can’t judge easily because we don’t follow trend. Hey! Trend’s just made to refresh your look and keep this business run!

3. We can increase our creativity! It’s okay if we don’t have many clothes, don’t have much money, don’t follow the trend. All we need is our creativity and it’s free! Mix what we have and we’ll see so many different ways to wear one item. If needed, we can make a DIY project (plus value: we can get all-of-a-kind item!).

4. Fashion can boost our mood better (my mood, at least). Put one statement color to our pale outfit in gloomy day and we’ll see the statement color can give us an extra good mood in the whole day.

5. Good for our minds and behaviors. Why? I think it’s soo challenging.ย If you’re worried about what people (especially for close people) think of your apperance, you can tell to yourself that it’s okay your outfit doesn’t work with you in that time. The most important is you’re dare (to be confident with what you choose), you learn (to be what you want), you’re wise enough (to listen calmly what people think of you and appreciate them with it), and your mind is in the positive way (think they don’t want you look foolish in front of strange people).

For now I have 5 realistic reasons (except because I like it), but maybe I’ll get brand new reason later so my list will be longer than now. Hahaha.

Oh ya, I have little different perspective with most fashion lovers. Maybe you can see it in some (or all) reasons I made above. You guys should listen about “Don’t give a damn what people think and be yourself!” I won’t say it false. Kinda I said before, I like seeing people with different ways in wear something and confident with it, right? I just think it’s not a good reason to be maintained. You know, in extreme way, that reason will kill us slowly. People around us shouldn’t be happy with person who doesn’t care with their opinions at all. Try to think in their position. How if what they said is true?

I won’t say being unique and keep in what you like are wrong, but being extremely different is so weird. You can’t blame people if they choose to leave you alone. Think people like that don’t accept you with the way you are? Or you’re just too selfish and stubborn? If you want them to understand you, understand them too! At least, you tell them the logic reason why you choose to be sooo different and show them what you choose brings you to a good direction so they don’t need to worry.

Okay, I think I’ve talked too much here. I hope what I said is useful for you guys and I’d also glad if you wanna pour what’s going on in your mind about this post. Are you agree? Disagree? Have different opinion? I like to know. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you have good weekdays, everybody!




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