Better than Never


Hello there!

I’ve ever said in one of my post that fashion is being important because of some logic reasons (for me). But it’s gonna be worthless if I just like it but not being a participant in this world. It’s not about sponsor that wanna pay me to promote their product (and I don’t any kind of sponsor too. Not yet).


It’s about practicing and expressing. People say “practice makes perfect” and I’m sooo agree with it. For person like me who wasn’t born with sense of fashion, practice can increase it well. And I think it’s better to start posting my (still so-so) outfit here with poor photo’s pixel than I wait for DSLR camera before starting on it. Seriously, it’s gonna be a looooong journey to spend on. LOL.


I also took these photos by myself when there’s no one at home. Before it, I’ve ever requested one of my housemate to take my photos with my smartphone camera. Photos in page About and my first post (and two looks on were taken by her, but since October 2013, she never take any photo of my outfit anymore. It happened because in several occasions (or after the last photoshoot) she didn’t want because her mood was not in a good. First til third, it was okay. Next occasions, I became frustrated. If I have to wait her, I’ll just run in the same place. So, although these photos are not the best, they’re better than never. I’m pretty proud. ๐Ÿ™‚


In this outfit, I wore suspender or braces or whatever the name is of H&M, flat shoes of Charles & Keith, and others are unbranded.


Oh yeah, if you want to know my other outfits, you can find it on Click here. Feel free to follow it. :p


Have a good weekdays, everybody!



P.S.: Sorry, I’m not a smiley person in front of camera. LOL.

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