Preppy Flowers


Hello, everybody there!!

Today I wanna share you about my 2nd outfit in this blog after almost a month being lazy to post anything. Well, I really get trouble with it, I think. As you read on the title on top (and first photo), this outfit is combination of preppy style with flowers pants. Again, I wore my lovely suspender to beat the plain white shirt. I made my shirt go messy because I don’t like feeling so nerd or too much formal or something. Here, Indonesia, almost everyone wears t-shirt for everyday outfit because of tropical climate, and just put a jacket for colder days. I agree with it, but I’m often stuck when have to mix and match t-shirt in different ways. So, I wear it messy to get laid-back style and not to be looked like I wanna go to office. About my flowers pants, I had waited for quiet long time to get this perfect pants. Sounds weird? Well, I thought same. LOL. Actually, I’ve found perfect pants like this at Zara, but my pocket says different. Here, Zara’s products are pretty expensive (at least for me) and its stores are mostly only in high-end mall in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. Except the price is little higher than my budget, I’m so lazy to beat crazy traffic jams in Jakarta. I thought it’s more affordable if I buy in local brands that is in same city with me. It will also help local brands to grow up in order to compete international brands these days, right?


Oh yeah, this pants also has pastel flowers! That means, there’s little touch of Spring/Summer 2014 trend. The big deal is flowers print is timeless.


I also decided to make a different way in my brown hijab to refresh my look. It’s a super easy and fast hijab style I think.


Okay, I think it’s enough to write what’s inside my brain for now. I just hope you can enjoy this post and also hope I can post my next outfit soon. So, see you later, guys!



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