Red Is Rad


Hi, there! After long time, finally I post something again (and it’s my outfit again. LOL.) I don’t know why, but it’s easier to post about it. But I hope you still enjoy this post and give me comments so I can know what to keep and what to change. And anyway, I change my blog’s appearance because I’m so bored with the old one.

red is rad 3

Like this title, I think red is so rad. It can be a statement color and also can be a neutral one. Am I crazy? Nope. Red can be mixed with every color, kinda black, white, grey, etc. If I’m false, can you tell me what shades of red that’s not match with everything? I really wanna know.


Okay, about this outfit, I wore my Puma shoes that is so comfortable, versatile, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. My jeans is Wrangler and it’s absolutely man’s jeans (can I now call it boyfriend jeans?). Others are unbranded as usual.



Yellow socks made it more playful I think.

Well, well, I think it’s enough to describe this post. Feel free to write a comment bellow. It makes my blog little more attractive. LOL. Thanks for viewing, reading, and commenting!



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