Holy Sweet!

Hello, everyone!

Today I wanna share to you about not-so-famous style that is growing fast nowadays. It’s hijab style. Maybe some of you have already known that. But, if you still don’t know, let me tell you little. Hijab is head cover that is worn mostly by women all around the world. People wear it for soo many reasons. From classic one (symbol of holy in religion, as Islam, Christian, etc), just for fashion (turban as fashion item), to modern symbol of women a.k.a. feminism (symbol of rebellion of beauty’s benchmark in general). Whatever the reasons of they take (and also me, actually), hijab now is trending in the world wide and maybe you’re interested to start wearing it now. Here, some of the hijabers (call of women that are wearing hijab) that can influence and inspire you. 🙂

She’s Dian Pelangi, a fashion designer and traveler from Indonesia. She always adore colorful outfit that can increase good mood in the whole day.
Dian Pelangi too. Sooo colorful. Sooo summer. All of her photos I grabbed from her personal blog: blog.dianpelangi.com
Simple for daily style. (Source: http://www.hautehijab.com/blogs/hijab-fashion/14239865-a-hijabis-guide-to-matching-your-hijab-to-your-outfit)

Crochet over shirt? Why not? (Source: http://www.hautehijab.com/blogs/hijab-fashion/14239865-a-hijabis-guide-to-matching-your-hijab-to-your-outfit)
I’m falling in love with this style so much! (Source: http://www.confashionsfromkuwait.com/2011/03/muhajababe-lookbook.html)
Can’t get enough with Dian Pelangi style! ❤
Feeling sexy with cut-out dress? How about being sophisticated by combining it with checked blouse? Keep your skin close in summer is still outstanding. (Source: http://joojoo-blog.blogspot.com/)
This girl is Hoda Katebi, Iranian blogger of Joojoo Azad from Oklahoma, USA. Although she is in the same age like me, I know she has greater taste of fashion. 😀 You can find her on http://joojoo-blog.blogspot.com/
Dian Pelangi again and again.
Cute and edgy in one time? Why not! (Source: http://indahnadapuspita.blogspot.com/)
Sweet as candy!

I know this is far from perfect, but I hope it still give you all some inspire. 🙂


Bye and have a nice day!




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