Dark Side


Hello, everybody! How’s your day? Mine’s like roller coaster nowdays. Some little troubles and much fun. And today I like to post an outfit that match enough with my condition. Well, actually this outfit was taken on end of July–when I and my family went to my father’s hometown, Ciamis–but fortunately (or not) it can represent my mood nowdays.


In short words (kinda I said), I got some troubles. It happened when I’ve thought what I did is right. Til now I don’t know it’s right or not. I cried why I’m so stupid, but in other hand I know I did it because I wanted they change what they’ve done and be better persons. I don’t want they become worse persons in the future and regret it.


Like this abandoned house, I felt broken and lonely. Like this abandoned house too, I think my problem could come because myself–so far from perfect. I never try to be perfect, but being a better person is a good choice. Because of that opinion, I told my friends to give me their thoughts about me. Overall, they don’t have problem with my personality. Some said about little improvements and I think those were good comments. But, unfortunately persons who had problems with me just didn’t give feedback at all, whereas I really wanted to know what was going on in their head about me.


Get some feedbacks made me feel better than before and I thought I was not the only person to be blamed. Otherwise, they also gave me supports. I really love it. 🙂 After that, I feel my problems are not as big as I thought._MG_8705

I felt more better when my best friend, that had a problem with me, said that she stayed away some days from me because feeling sick (but she didn’t know why) and thinking she would be better to calm down herself first.


After this, I think that’s a good idea to start a chat to break the ice between us. I don’t wanna lose any close friend, especially because of her boyfie. Seriously, it’s so cheesy.


In other words, from these problems (and other problems that I’ve ever got and will get in the future), I think problem’s not as big as I thought if we solve the problem as soon as possible (but don’t forget to use clear mind). And problem will be a problem if we think it is. Problem will be a challenge or a good life teacher if we think so. And–like what my religion said about it–God never give someone a problem if He think that person can’t survive from it. That means we can solve every trouble in our life. Never stop trying and beliving (and thinking with different perspective) are the keys to find a bright side of problem. Like this abandoned house that captured by my old sister, what we see is what we wanna see from something’s in front of us. Good or bad depend on our mind. Run away or solve it are our choice.

And I choose to solve it.

And be a better person.


_MG_8696Have a nice day everyone! I hope you all can solve all the problems today. 🙂




Semi-cropped top with fake leather panel – Cotton Ink (here)

Black and white sneakers – Puma

Potographed by my sister

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