Preppy in Grunge

Preppy in Grunge 2

Hello, everyone! Long time no post anything here. And I can’t believe that I miss this blog and all of your supports to me. πŸ™‚

Actually I wanted to share this yesterday, but unfortunately, there’s something wrong with WordPress via PC. I couldn’t access it both to my WordPress homepage and my blog itself. I was pretty happy to know I can access wordpress via mobile today and made a draft for this post. (Well, now I’m online via laptop cause all of my photos are on it.) Anybody got the same thing with me, huh? Or just me?

Preppy in Grunge edit

Okaay, about my outfit. It was a simple prep style with not-to-dare pattern combo experiment. It was a lucky to know that my shirt and blazer have same tartan pattern with similar colors, so it’s pretty easy to be mixed. Black scarve on my head and also black pants were best match for playing save.

Preppy in Grunge 4

Grey and brown shoes are a good choice if you wanna break a little boring than the black one, but still save because they’re neutral colors.Preppy in Grunge 3

Tiny backpack is one of ’90s fashion items. And I’m so lucky having siblings that were teenagers in that era bacause there are so many grunge item which I can get it freely. Plus point is they’re still in good condition! Wew! How old stuffs have better quality with cheaper price! This fact makes me wanna go to second hand store and shopping insanely. Haha.

Preppy in Grunge 7

Studded bracelets are my favorite to add a little touch of edgy, even that thing is not the black one. Oh yeah, I almost never forget to wear watch because it is multipurpose.

Preppy in Grunge 9

Okaay, guys, it’s enuogh for now. See ya in the next post!


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