A Little Touch of Vintage

Little Touch of Vintage 5

Hello, everyone! After strunggling with business of being university student, now I have time to take care to my blog again. Woohoo! I wish I could do same thing although I was hectic, but unfortunately it was not easy as its sound like. Probably I should maximize the usefulness of scheduled post publish before activities take a lot of my spare time than usual and give a day in a month (at least) just to “active” in my blog, like find out the latest post of people who saw and liked my post, write comments and give likes, reply all of comments in my blog, and so on.

By the way, happy holiday to you all! Don’t forget about Christmas Sales, End Year Sales, or whatever they call it. We can get everything’s cheaper now, but please prepare to create a list about what’s to buy and not, what’s your need and what’s just your desire. I know it’s difficult to stay calm when people go crazy with everything in low cost, but it will help you to hold you off from bangkruptcy by something’s not so important.

Oh yeah, about the look today, I gave myself a try to put something more vintage and feminine, so my eyes fixed on my sister’s brooch immediately. Even this outfit is my superdaily style, I can say that brooch was really help me to give a vintage vibe to overall look.

Little Touch of Vintage 6

Stripes pattern is classic, even though it’s not black and white. Agree?

Little Touch of Vintage 4

This bag gave me more simple feminine look in overall and really match with the brooch.
Little Touch of Vintage 3

I put key pattern scarf to brighten my dark overall look. I found it on Berrybenka.

Little Touch of Vintage 7

And this is the overall look…Little Touch of Vintage 2

Little Touch of Vintage

Grey Denim Jacket – Unbranded (similar here, here, and here)

White and Red Striped Long Sleeve Top – Unbranded (similar here and here)

Key Shawl (as hijab) – found it on BerrybenkaΒ (similar here)

Vintage Brooch – Unbranded

Brown Sling Bag – Unbranded (similar here and here)

Black Skinny Denim Pants – Unbranded

Brown and Grey Sneakers – Skechers (similar here and here)

Have a good day, everyone! πŸ™‚


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