Style Tips for Daily Biker Girls

When I said “biker”, I don’t talk about biker jacket trends or anything about cool chicks with menswear inspired clothes (okay, actually I’ll talk about it too, but not in the main concern). It’s about how to wear stylish outfit forย real biker babes, especially for daily bikers, who also need to keep safety and comfy during riding time. For you who are not officially a biker, well, I hope this post can help you to refresh your biker-inspired style. ๐Ÿ™‚

So… here we go!

1. Keep it practical

You of course don’t want your ladylike mini dress makes you look stupid and slower your ride. Plus, your mood’s gonna down when you see your perfect dress become disaster (crumpled, dull, and have bad smell). So, choose a simple one to maximize your movement. Nowdays minimalist trend can help you a lot about this tip.

Sabrina Meijer of afterDRK

2. Invest good in-front zipper or buttons outwears

If you don’t want to let wind makes you sick, you better choose in-front zipper or button outwears. Double breast outer is better, but if you don’t have, it’s okay as long as you feel good.


Bomber Jacket with Flats Style Ideas

Metallic Nanunshka bomber jacket

Moschino ignite bomber jacket with black pleaded skirtOlivia Palermo wearing bomber jacket in Paris

3. Stay away from high heels and wedges

This is the most different part between the real biker and the fashion biker. Yes! Maybe there’s still everyday biker who wears high heeled shoes when she’s biking, but well, she’s more likely to get injury than others who wear flat, comfortable shoes. Forget about how chic you will be when you wear pump for a while or you can’t any chance to wear them anymore for some days (maybe weeks).

If you want to wear them at work or college or wherever, you can put them on your bag.

Street Style: 90s vibe andro look with grunge jumper worn under blazer with boyf ripped jeans and comfy Nike trainers


4. You can wear skirt, but…

You can available to wear every skirt you have when riding bike, but please make sure it’s not too short and bother you. But pants are better… and safer. You know, you don’t have to worry about wind that can blow up your bottom wear.

5. Backpack is better

Even though handbag and sling bag can be worn when you ride bike, backpack is more practical, so you can only focus to road in front of.


Vince Camuto

I hope all the tips can help you to get what you need when you chose to read this post. Enjoy your ride, enjoy your day! Have a nice day to you, guys! ๐Ÿ™‚


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