Not-So-Impresive Motivation for Your 2015 Resolutions

Hello, buddies! How’s life? I hope today is a great day.

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Haha. I know it’s too late to say it, but late is better than never. So, are you now going to realize your 2015 resolution plans? I hope so.

I know it’s superhard when we talk about how to deal with our plans, especially for long-term plans, like… one year resolution. It’s kinda we should kick ourselves to do what we usually didn’t do and go out from our comfort zone. Yeah, I know that is hard because I have to. But hard doesn’t mean impossible.

I remember my first decision to make an ootd photo long time before I got started this blog. It was also hard… and made me shy. And it was more harder when I posted it on my Lookbook account. I was sad when I saw there was no one who click “hype” for my look and thought my passion was not fashion. But… well, after a day, for the first time, I got the hype. I was so happy and the spirit of “never give up” was burned in my heart. Hahaha. I know it sounds silly, but it was true. So, til now, I keep posting outfit photos there.

Actually I’ve started wearing hijab since I was in 4th grade, but til now I’m still learning how to wear hijab full time (except at home, of course). Posted on September 2, 2013.

When I decided to create a blog, I think it should be easy, and in my first month of blogging, I shared eight posts. Yes, EIGHT! Now it’s like almost impossible for me to do it. More than it, I couldn’t have more time to take care my own blog. There were many reasons, like laziness and my internet quota was like a shit. And it’s not surprise that my blog is kinda Silent Hill. But I still can’t belive it, when I see blog statistic on last months of 2014, even though I’m so lazy to socialize with other bloggers, it was higher and higher month by month. And in the end of last year, I gave a try to get connected with others, and—voila—my blog’s statistic incresed above 500% in five last days. Crazy! So, now I try to be smarter to not throw away this blog anymore.

This year is gonna be more hectic than the last one. I do study (and do homeworks and projects) at university and English course, manage two student’s organizations, write novel with my friend, write for this blog, keep update my social medias, especially Instagram and, and practice photography more and more. This year I also try again my luckiness in internship. So, for resolution, I just have one important thing to do: manage my time wisely. Just it.

You can find so many blogs said about how to deal with your resolution, and I think I don’t need to talk it anymore. Actually, I’m not ready to do that yet, because I’m still looking for the best ways to make my resolution happen. I hope this year I can find the best one. J

I found this video pretty inspired me to keep everything going.


Good luck and see you!




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