Hi, all! Happy the last weekend! When you’re on holiday-slash-weekend-slash-lazy time, What you’re gonna do? Sleeping, reading, surfing internet, or what?

I acually spent that momment on my bed and do something worthless, charging my energy for hectic days during the weekdays. But I used to read any novel I had when I was at junior high school. I missed that activity and now have many books unread and untouched, including fashion magazines. Fortunately, I still can get update knowledge from internet, but I think I can’t get the real “sense of enjoying reading” if my eyes just look at LCD monitors of smartphone and laptop. I feel my eyes are gonna be dry or something. That sounds so bad.


About the look, I gave myself a try again to wear beanie after the last look I posted last year (you can find it here) but now it has black color. I put purple two tone scarf as hijab so I think it would be more attractive than neutral color or single tone.


This sleeveless tee has 100% got my attention when I bought it. Print of colorful cloud is definitely perfect to express my imagination side that is so high, pretty rebel, but still hoping my vision can help people to have better life (as it’s denoted with ombre color).




And I still can’t get enough with grungy style. I tried to make it more pop so it didn’t look too retro.


Yes, that watch… again. Bored? Not me!


That pants had to be boyfriend jeans, but I don’t know why it doesn’t look like its purpose to be. Oh yeah, and this is my first high-waist pants and I have just known that high-waist is superhell for tummy. I dislike this except for the fact which it doesn’t need to be ironed. Busy users friendly!


You’ll find this sneakers more and more on the future posts. Don’t get bored, okay? LOL.


Knitted black beanie – Unbranded (similar here and here)

Two-tone purple hijab – Unbranded (similar here and here)

Sleeveless top – Forever 21 (similar here)

Dark indigo high-waisted boyfriend jeans – Unbranded via Stylish Way ShopΒ (similar hereΒ and here)

Blue Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers – Converse (similar here, here, and here)

Have a good day, everybody! Dont forget to share your thought on comment box below. πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Imaginator

  1. I make no claim to knowing anything about fashion, but I will say, as a photographer, I do appreciate the deep shadow on the side of your face in the second to last photo. Good stuff.


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