Statement Ring: Be Rad, Be Invaluable (@InvaluableLive)

Hi, all! Long time no see!

After lack of post for… uhm… one month, I force myself to share this post to you today. I have had break a promise to myself for, at least, posting something here once a week. But now I’m here, and I try my best to keep my blog run and up-to-date in the near future.

Okay, foget about what I said before and now I wanna talk to you about the title above.

On February 6, I found¬†the maketplace that is focusing on acution-based selling. It’s¬†Invaluable,¬†the world’s largest auction marketplace of¬†fine and decorative arts, antiques, collectibles, and estate sales. And when I opened their website and scrolled down and up on ring section and categories, I found what they sell are… invaluable, especially for antique and decorative rings. Those anti-minimalist rings are the real statement pieces to break effortless and colorless trend nowdays as well as give an edgy touch to our look. Here are some combination of fashion items that I mix and match with my favorite rings from Invaluable.

Edgy Hijabi A Little Touch of GreenCity GirlSilver Glam


Well, I ain’t a master at mix and match outfit with application kinda this, but this way is worth it enough to sharpen my sense of fashion and other creativity worlds if you don’t have too much time and money.

I wished Polyvore could make it easier, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work for Invaluable products at all.¬†I also tried to do those outfit collages with Yeloox, but unfortuately too, I can’t save fashion items combinations. The last hope came from my Paint application on my laptop to make it happen. And, yes, it worked a lot effortlessly. I’m happy that simple application really help me to do this booming thing. What you have to do are being creative to mix and match every background on items that are sometimes different each other.

And how about you? What cool rings on Invaluable you like? What kind of outfit collage application that helps you a lot? Share what’s in your brain here with us!

P.S.: On today’s early morning, I opened Invaluable website one more time to give me an idea what to write here and I found this ring was so oh-my-God. Beside you can look effortlessly stunning with this art deco ring (and most of their rings, actually), you can invest them for your better future because¬†precious stones have more stable profit than stock and other kinds of investment.

Have a good day everyone. See ya on the next post!




Source all pieces on pictures:

Invaluable / Zalora Indonesia / Berrybenka / ASOS


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