Bring the Light for the Blind

Hello, guys! Long time no see!

After more than one month this blog was like Silent Hill, now I’m back. Yes! I miss this blog so much. And miss interacting with you all more. Actually I have a lot of stories during my “rest time” of handling this blog, but I can’t tell all of them. Maybe I will write them later one by one, but now it’s just about my social service called DV SOS 2015. DV is abbreviation of Donate Vision, but I still dunno what SOS is.

My main reason to join this was I’ve ever wanted to do the same thing in the past with different event, but I couldn’t join because I got problem with transportation and time. So, when I knew this social service at the first time (and because it was held by one of my university’s organization), I wanted it so much.

The second reason was I was corious enough about how I can help blind people with typing book on Microsoft Word.

Third reason was I always get life motivation after doing social service kinda this.

Fourth, I could spend my Sunday’s morning more important on this than spending time on my bed and doing nothing.

And the last and the late thing I knew, this event give us 5 hours of Teach for Indonesia’s community service that are important for my univerisity’s students as one of graduation’s conditionals (we need 30 hours for 4 years, by the way). Actually I think this one is a “gift” by God because I didn’t know we will get it too (after giving a event’s report on each person’s personal blog actually).

Oh yeah, have I told you this social service was held on April 5, 2015 or it means on this year’s Easter Day? Yes, it was. And there were 800-900 volunteers that day from many backgrounds and universities in one aim to give the blind a chance to see the world more from books.

That event started at 9 a.m. with perfomance by 1.000 hands dancers, blind music players and singers, and Tzu Chi Buddish Foundation’s volunteers. We also watched a video by Mitra Netra Foundation about their vision to help blind people.

1.000 Hands Dance





Perform by Tzu Chi’s volunteers

After that, all of us typed some pages of books that have been given to us before, and I got page 20 til 37 of “25 Ways to Win with People”. I don’t know the author, but there were two persons named Les and John on that book. We had to finished our responsibility before 2.30 p.m. and saved that on a flash disk.

We also watched a Thailand’s commercial ad talked about “your goodness act will help you when you need it in the future on a way you never understand”. And then, some volunteers of Tzu Chi gave us presentation about Tzu Chi’s history, vision, mision, what they have done, etc. What I like about this foundation are they help everybody and give 100% donation for charity.

Oh yeah, so how we could help blind people just with Ms. Word? The answer is we typed all of documents needed before people from Mitra Netra Foundation convert them to Braille words and print with special Braille printer and papers.

And… what I got from this social act?

  1. As a person given a sight by God to see this beautiful world, I have to use this gift for something more important and can help others with it. People with blind eyes really wants to read books, get more about knowledge by it, and really happy when they can “see” the world. But what we do, guys?
  2. A little thing we made can change others’ life. Little by little actions may make a big impact for people who need it so much. So… don’t wait an act beause we think we don’t need enough money (or something else) to do that.
  3. We are bornt differently, but we have same responsibility to take care our planet, our people, our animals, and our environment.

For all of blind people around the world (who maybe listen this content with audio computers), I just wanna say keep your spirit. Lose your sight doesn’t mean your dream must be disapear forever. You don’t have something most people have, but you also have what most people don’t have. We’re different on one way, but have same chance to live better in this world.

And for people who has sight as a gift (include myself), let’s be grateful to God and use it for goodness.

Okay, I think don’t have any other word to say. See you on next post and have a great day, everybody!

Keep dream, keep act!


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