Hey, Buddies

Welcome to My Box

I’m Wulan, an ordinary girl from Indonesia but have so many big dreams. Now I study International Business and Management for my bachelor degree in one of private university in Indonesia and be a part of my university photography club. Because I thought I won’t be a bigger person if I just study, study, and study without looking for bigger opportunity in bigger world, I created this blog. This blog mostly tells about my personal style and photograph, but I’ll post others too.

Why I named my blog “Inside the Box”?

Well, so many people say we should think out of the box to see world with different perspective. Yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s false. I still think out of the box actually. But, I think all of us have limitness, our personal box. We can use every limitness in our box to break the limit and reach what people say as “out of the box”. Being creative is the main key. And thinking out of the box without knowing what’s going on inside the box is useless. It’s like wondering to create a remedy for HIV AIDS but don’t know how to start.

In simple words, I would say that “Inside the Box” is the way I beat my limitness and learn to be grateful of what God gives to me.

And more than everything, I hope this blog can inspire you. 🙂



Contact: wulanfy@gmail.com

Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/wulanferyan

Instagram: http://instagram.com/wulanferyan


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