Bring the Light for the Blind

Hello, guys! Long time no see! After more than one month this blog was like Silent Hill, now I’m back. Yes! I miss this blog so much. And miss interacting with you all more. Actually I have a lot of stories during my “rest time” of handling this blog, but I can’t tell all of […]

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Statement Ring: Be Rad, Be Invaluable (@InvaluableLive)

Hi, all! Long time no see! After lack of post for… uhm… one month, I force myself to share this post to you today. I have had break a promise to myself for, at least, posting something here once a week. But now I’m here, and I try my best to keep my blog run […]

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Not-So-Impresive Motivation for Your 2015 Resolutions

Hello, buddies! How’s life? I hope today is a great day. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Haha. I know it’s too late to say it, but late is better than never. So, are you now going to realize your 2015 resolution plans? I hope so. I know it’s superhard when we talk about how to deal […]

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  Problem can make your life drown and become ruin. But we always have more than one option to face it. Stand tall and see the bright side, or fall and die with it.   It’s really funny that I took this photos for my daily outfit like usual, but got another option to change […]

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Koper Bakar TMII Part 5

Seriously, I don’t like what they wear in the second section of photo shoot. The theme is Pirates but I don’t think it’s kinda any pirates girls, except that we shot her, girl in the photos, on a (fake) ship. Why I said it’s fake, because under the ship, there’s no water and the ship […]

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Dark Side

Hello, everybody! How’s your day? Mine’s like roller coaster nowdays. Some little troubles and much fun. And today I like to post an outfit that match enough with my condition. Well, actually this outfit was taken on end of July–when I and my family went to my father’s hometown, Ciamis–but fortunately (or not) it can […]

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WordPress App for Android

Well, I’ve just had an Android phone nowdays and I thought it would be superuseful for posting my blog easier and more effective than before, and I hope I will more often post something from now. But first I gotta learn fastly how to use this app as good as possible. Okay, bye! WFY Advertisements

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